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I know you want that precious magic book that lies in a dungeon. But let me tell you something, you're not the only one searching for that item!  Another wizard will strive to have it and won't care about playing fair! Get enough keys to open the big door by overcoming the traps or as a last resort, steal them from that tricky wizard!

Wicked Wizards is a 3D multiplayer split-screen action game where two wizards clash for the possession of a magic book. They’ll have to overcome the dungeon’s traps to get enough keys to open the door that guards the item. But they’ll not play fair, as they will throw spells at each other and steal their enemy’s keys before they get to open the door! Let’s see who’s the most powerful wizard of the two!

Face the toughest Traps!

Steal Keys From the Enemy!

Open the Big Door!

And get the Magic Book!



Wicked Wizards.rar 301 MB

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