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The ignited one shall be guided by the flame of his sword, the more his ember is consumed, the greatest treasures he'll find, but as the flame is not eternal, his soul may be corrupted by greed and culd surrender to darkness...

He shall recover the holy power that was stolen from him by purging the ones trapped in the darkness of greed and finding the chests they were trapped in...


Attack/Open Chest/Use Dragon/ Light Torch : Space or Left Mouse Button

Made By:

Pamela Figueroa P.

  • Development
  • Gameplay Design
  • Level Design
  • Art(Props)

Diego Bruno Flores Salazar

  • Development
  • Gameplay Design
  • Level Design
  • Art (Characters)
  • Animations
  • Music
  • SFX


Engine: Unity3D

Tile Editor: Tiled

Install instructions

Unzip and choose:

  • 32bit Machine: x86
  • 64bit Machine: x86_64


IgKnighted.rar 28 MB

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